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C5) The sequence 41 – 50

After the drought has been dissolved, the villain dismissed and the crisis alleviated in the hexagram Xie (40). How to economize the use of resources from those below to those above (in the form of masculinity adding to femininity) is the subject of the hexagram Sun (41). In the era of Sun, those below enrich those above according to their capability and the necessity, and balance is the optimal status which need be reached; those above must cherish the enrichment from those below; actually the enrichment from those below is their contribution to the country.

In the hexagram Sun (41) those below diminish themselves so as to enrich those above, while in the hexagram Yi (42), those above diminish themselves to enrich those below (also in the form of masculinity adding to femininity). The king makes use of the very valuable tortoise (which is the tribute of those below in hexagram 41) to worship Heaven to bless his people. The enrichment must be sincerely & trustworthily carried out in a fair manner and must be a long term project for the better future instead of some political measures just for pleasing the people.

Enrichment (42) continues ceaselessly and becomes brimful; it will definitely break and burst. Line 6 of the hexagram Yi (42) gets used to enrichment and becomes insatiably avaricious; no one will enrich it but rather attack it. Therefore the hexagram Guai (43) is granted after it, wherein the masculine unveils the evil behaviors of villains in public and is trying to get rid of the feminine, the symbol of evil and villains.

The un-subdued feminine line of the hexagram Guai (43) comes down to position 1 and meets the masculine lines from their backside, signifying an unexpected meeting, the hexagram Guo (44). One feminine line challenging five masculine lines exhibits the vigor of the feminine, which signals that a crisis is emerging.

In the hexagram Guo (44), the desire of the masculine line is to mate with the feminine line 1, while the duty of the masculine line is to subdue it in order to suppress the crisis. In the era of Cui (55): to gather together, the feminine lines of the bottom trigram Kun are designated to gather around the masculine lines 4 and 5, respectively.
The sequence 46 – 50

Those below responding to the call of those above and massing around those above in hexagram 45 create the rising of hexagram 46: Sheng. In the world of Sheng, the talented and able persons obtain the opportunity of developing upwards. Hence 45.5 must cultivate its virtue (元yuan: origination, i.e. the spring of goodness, 永yong: be everlasting and 貞zhen: be persistent (in righteousness) like the king in the hexagram Bi (8): intimate interdependent relationship) to build its sincerity & trust in order to attract people around it (instead of 45.4), and sincerity & trust of 46.2 is the best policy to get promotion.

The rise of hexagram 46 must be done according to one’s status. The ceaseless rising will lead to the situation of hexagram 47: Kui: to be besieged, because so great their achievements make those above feel uneasy or insecure. In the era of the hexagram Kui, the ordinary people are besieged by daily life, for instance, lacking living essentials; but the gentleman is besieged when his aspiration can’t be carried out (so 47.4 takes its gold carriage to retreat to position 1).

After ceaselessly rising in hexagram 46, the hexagram Kun (47) is besieged at the heights, it needs to come down. While the marsh is drying out in the hexagram Kun (47) like the water of Kan beneath the marsh of Dui, people will drill a well to get water. Jing of hexagram 48 in Chinese signifies the well, the deepest place under the ground where people can reach. In the hexagram Jing the government is obligated to serve the people like the well inexhaustibly supplying water to all people without discrimination.

An ineffective government needs to be reformed like the old well of hexagram 48 requiring being reconditioned. After having successfully accomplished the reform or revolution in hexagram 49: Ge, a new regime is established and a new cauldron of the hexagram Ding (50) is cast. In the era of hexagram 50, the virtuous and able person will be recruited and the innovation will be carried out.


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